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What is the School of Congregational Development?

In the 1980s GBOD and GBGM created a training experience for new church start pastors.   In the last ten years, SCD has blossomed to include training for bishops, district superintendents, conference staff, pastors and church teams from existing congregations who desire to learn how to create and develop disciple-growing congregations. Co-developed by GBGM, GBOD and Path 1 with collaboration with the National Plans and the Congregational Development Network, this year’s event will be in Dallas.

What happens at the SCD?
Participants at SCD choose from a wide variety of learning experiences that equip them in diverse areas related to congregational development in new and existing churches.

Plenary Sessions and Worship:  SCD is a spiritual experience that renews faith in Jesus Christ and sends people into their communities in mission and ministry. Plenaries and worship experiences gather all participants together as a faith community.

Intensives:  Designed for all participants, intensives are a 3½ hour experience to focus on key principles and ideas that can be applied to most ministries. Participants choose one Intensive.

Ministry Track: Ministry happens in a variety of contexts, so the four-part ministry track allows you to delve more deeply into the strategies that will equip you to lead more effectively in your setting. Tracks are offered for conference leaders, new church leaders, racial ethnic ministries and leaders of existing churches. Participants choose one ministry track.

Teaching Church Experience:  On Sunday participants worship with and learn from one of the exciting churches in the Dallas area. Participants experience firsthand the ministry of a dynamic congregation and learn from the leaders how the ministry has developed.

Workshops:  Workshops on Saturday give participants nuts and bolts information on critical ministries in the local church. Participants can choose two workshops.

Visit the Registration & Lodging Info page for more information.

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